Singing lessons can open the door to a whole new world with endless possibilities. No matter what your interests are, you will probably find yourself making some sort of musical sound.  Singing in the car, humming a song while grocery shopping, singing in your school choir, or jamming out during karaoke night. Many people find […]

Learning how to sing can really change a person’s life. You can’t go anywhere without hearing music. Music is what makes the world go round! It doesn’t matter what age you are; it’s never too late to become a singer! Singing is all about commitment and dedication. Singing is a lot like body building and […]

Having a vocal coach is like having a guide to make everything clear! If you have ever seen “The Wizard Of Oz”, you will see that the main character, Dorothy, is simply trying to get home after a tornado takes her to a magical land called Oz. She discovers that the one who will show […]

Taking singing lessons means putting value on the voice that you have been given. When you have a super nice car, you make sure that you take care of it very well. You polish it, you clean it once a week, you make sure that there are no scratches or paint chips. If anything does […]