Fox Music Singing Lessons e1501700793641 280x190 Jumpstart Your Voice With Singing Lessons

Voice lessons can be one of the most amazing experiences of your life! They can be a true game changer in the quest to get your instrument to the height of its potential! Have you ever played a video game and gotten a “life” or a “star” or a “level up”? Those types of things […]

Fox Music Singing Lessons e1501700793641 280x190 Embarking On A New Adventure   Singing Lessons!

One of the most amazing things about singing lessons is the time you have to allow yourself to explore a new adventure. Letting yourself grow in singing lessons isn’t something that happens overnight. Expecting yourself to be perfect is not realistic when it comes to vocal development. There are so many areas in life that […]

Fox Music Voice Lessons 200x300 200x190 Curiosity Turned to Passion

Have you ever been curious about what it takes to be a good singer? The best way to start exploring your instrument is to study with a vocal coach. Having a teacher guide you and show you how to build a strong foundation with proper technique will make a huge difference. Your vocal coach will help […]

Fox Program kids 250x190 Singing Lessons: Confidently Priceless

Want to build your child’s confidence? Look no further than kids singing lessons! You can put a price on new shoes, presents for Christmas, or school haircuts, but one thing that you can’t put a price tag on is confidence! Confidence is something that anyone needs in every part of life! Whether it’s in making […]