VoiceLessons FoxMusicVB 280x190 Find Your True Potential With Voice Lessons

Has anyone told you that you have a good singing voice and that you should get out there and sing? So many people have a natural talent for music, and never explore their options. Voice lessons are the best way to get started on your voice. You could have so much hidden vocal ability that […]

Fox capturepage Teens 280x190 The Art of Singing Lessons

Starting singing lessons is a lot like starting art class. One of the first things that you will notice is that there are many terms used in the art world that you may not have heard before. You will hear words such as shading, angles, depth, and perspective. You will also start to look at […]

kids performance 01 18 280x190 New Year, New Activities for Children!

Children’s voice lessons are a wonderful way for kids to start off this New Year! From confidence building to growing their vocal ability, the benefits are endless when starting their musical journey at a young age! When they come to learn all about their unique instruments week after week, they are filled with awe and wonder at what they can do! There are notes they didn’t […]

Pop FoxMusicVB 1 280x190 How To vs Hard Work

When students begin voice lessons I often ask them, “What would you like to accomplish through vocal training?” Usually the response goes something like this.   “I want to expand my singing range, to sing those high notes with power and control, and by the way, I want them to sound really good too! I’ve […]