Nothing encourages growth through fun like kids singing lessons. Whether they are born to be rock stars or scared to stand out, kids from any background can benefit. From the time they are born, kids are shown what the world is like through color and sound. They are shown how to do life through fun and […]

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sing but don’t know exactly how to start? Voice lessons are a great way to learn how your singing voice works and how to keep it healthy. When you come to learn week after week, you will work on expanding your range, which will help with high […]

Singing lessons can be an impactful way to strengthen your voice! Getting your instrument to the place that you want is an absolutely wonderful thing. What if you could do that while strengthening relationships, your mind, and your stability at the same time? In singing lessons, you get all of these things! Here at Fox […]

Preschool music and singing lessons can give your little one a place to shine! When you bring your precious ones to a positive and encouraging environment, they leave with a big smile across their faces! Little ones who are taught music from a young age are exposed to things that will help them in the future. […]