Fox Music Singing Lessons e1501700793641 280x190 Voice Training At Its Finest!

Voice Training can bring you such joy! Being able to sing is one of the most rewarding things you will ever learn. You will learn all the right skills and exercises for your amazing instrument. When you come to voice lessons week after week, you will be surrounded by positive and encouraging peers and teachers. They […]

Tridtional FoxMusicVB 1 280x190 Childrens Singing Lessons Unfold Potential

The beauty of taking children’s singing lessons is watching the many opportunities that unfold themselves in front of kids from the moment they start their journey as vocalists! The minute they open their mouths and get out a few notes, they begin to explore the sounds coming out of them. Soon enough they learn what their own unique instrument […]

Pop FoxMusicVB 1 280x190 The Places Your Voice Will Take You

Voice lessons can take you to that next step in your vocal development! Do you love to sing? Many people find that using their instrument takes them to another place emotionally. Whether you need to be lifted up from a bad day, broken relationship, or general stress, singing lessons can be just the lift that you […]

Fox Music Singing Lessons e1501700793641 280x190 The Best Vocal Coach For You

Having a vocal coach can make you feel like the special person that you are! You are a wonderful human being right here and right now, did you know that? You have something to offer that no one else has! You get to find the beauty inside of you right next to your vocal coach, […]