Have you always dreamed of taking voice lessons? Have you scratched everything off your bucket list but that one thing? Don’t wait any longer! Here at Fox Music we teach voice lessons to people of all ages. It’s never too late to learn how to sing! We’ll teach you the basics of breathing to “do, […]

Summer is right around the corner. This means kids will be out of school and looking for something new and fun to do! Children’s voice lessons create an atmosphere of positivity for your little one to enjoy! They get to make friends who love music! They get to enjoy singing together! They get to enjoy […]

Getting vocal training is the next step for someone who loves to sing! When you set your heart on developing your voice, allowing yourself to be guided through the process is crucial. One step at a time, one note at a time, one rhythm at a time, and one breakthrough at a time, vocal training accelerates your […]

When you decide to start your voice training, you make a decision that can impact every aspect of your life. The main goal, of course, is to strengthen your instrument. What you have living and breathing inside of you can grow and develop to take on a whole life of its own. With the right level […]