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Fox Music of Virginia Beach offers the highest quality voice lessons available for both adults and children. Whether you sing classical music, musical theater, rock and roll, or anything in between, it is the quality of our instruction that makes us the best choice for voice lessons in Hampton Roads. Meet Our Teachers

When all is said and done, the lasting value of voice lessons lies in the results of the teaching. See what students are saying about their experience and improvement with us.

We offer voice classes in which we introduce voice training exercises, learn songs together, and sing for each other to help develop performance skills. Frequent opportunities to perform help to improve confidence and stage presence. Voice classes provide an ideal introduction to the study of voice. More experienced singers find insight in the voice classes as they observe other singers, grow as performers in ways that are simply not possible in private lessons, and they find motivation for further development as they interact with the group.

Our private singing lessons focus on exercises that develop range, power, control, and ultimately, beauty in the voice. Voices develop through consistent practice over time. As students progress we incorporate the growing technique into music.

Voice instruction is open to any students who want to develop a beautiful voice. Whether you are a serious, professional singer or a beginner looking to have fun, we can help you train your voice to become the best it can be. Talent is helpful but not required. The best students are those who love to sing and want to discover the potential in their voices.

Students from all over Hampton Roads find our location convenient — just minutes from Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and of course Virginia Beach.

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