Voice Lessons: Find A Teacher That Understands Vocal Pedagogy

January 25, 2018

When you’re picking out a teacher for voice lessons just like any new thing, you know that ideally you’d want the best, and the one that would last the longest. Whether it’s a new phone or a new car, you want something that is in the best shape possible that you won’t have to replace. Why look at voice lessons any different? If you just pick some fast fix on YouTube or  hire any ‘voice teacher’ on the street to teach you voice then it will be the same as buying a dilapidated car, or a phone from ten years ago; it won’t last. Our voices are fragile, and unless trained correctly we can do more damage than good. What you need to find when picking out the best vocal teacher for you is someone ho understands the voice. Sure, there are people out there that offer voice lessons who have great voices, but they have no idea how to teach in a way that will make your sound more beautiful while also giving you the gift of being able to use it for the rest of your life. That’s mostly because most teachers just go for what, “sounds good”, rather than what’s healthy. A healthy voice is all about balancing out your muscles. Your voice, in the most basic sense, is composed of two very small muscles. These muscles have to be exercised in a correct and healthy way. If they are exercised correctly then they will become stronger, healthy, and the result will become a more beautiful voice than when you started! Muscle must respond to exercise. Whether it’s a good response or a negative depends on how your voice is exercised. It’s very similar to lifting weights. If you lift with incorrect form you could really end up hurting yourself. If a voice teacher doesn’t know how the muscles work then they will teach you exercises that will deteriorate your voice rather than build it, and the end results will be harmful! In your search for voice lessons, be sure you find a teacher who understands vocal pedagogy – not just some one who sings well! Fox Music’s voice teachers are meticulously trained, highly qualified, and experienced in both singing AND the study of teaching voice.

About the Author: zpthemetest