3 Ways to Feel More Confident While Singing

January 22, 2020

Feel-More-Confident-While-Singing-Fox-MusicHow do you feel about the idea of singing in front of other people? Calm and confident? Or how about sweaty and shaky?

If the idea of singing in front of another human being makes your mouth go dry or a pit forms in your stomach, you’re not alone. And while some performers never completely get rid of their anxiety, there are ways you can learn to manage it.

Here are a few simple ways to feel more confident while singing:

1. Posture

Standing up tall with your eyes forward and your shoulders back is more than a good singing posture. It’s also a confident posture. Compare this confident, upright stance to standing with your shoulders slumped forward, looking at the ground. Not only can your posture make you appear more confident, but it can also make you feel more confident.

2. Breathing

When we get nervous or scared, our instinct is to hold our breath. Not only that but when you hold your breath, your body responds by increasing your heart rate. This response happens automatically. But if you pay attention to your breathing, you can regain some control and calm yourself down. Focus on your breathing; take several deep breaths where your belly fully expands and then exhale slowly. It seems so simple, but the impact is significant.

3. Practice

A lack of confidence can come from doubting your ability. And when you doubt yourself, you can physically feel it in your body. So how can you counteract the fear and anxiety? By becoming more confident in your singing ability. This confidence comes through practice. As you put consistent work into your vocal practice, over time, you’ll develop more confidence in your voice.

These are just a few ways to feel more comfortable about singing. To learn more about developing your vocal skills and confidence, Fox Music’s voice teachers can help. We offer vocal lessons to both kids and adults in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

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