Singing Lessons: Are They Really Worth It?

February 6, 2020

Singing-Lessons-Are-They-Really-Worth-It-Fox-MusicPerhaps you’ve heard or read about some of the benefits of working with a vocal coach. A vocal coach provides personalized training and accountability. They can also help you to increase your confidence or encourage you to take on new challenges that you may have accepted on your own.

But despite these benefits, you might find yourself still questioning if singing lessons are for you. Here are a few more things that you stand to gain from singing lessons that make them worth it:

1. Skill Development

Singing lessons can help you develop your strengths and build on your weaknesses. Your singing teacher can help you assess which skills will help you the most with your voice goals and focus on those specific skills in your lessons. If you have no idea where to begin, you’ll find the guidance you need to focus your training.

2. Unexpected Benefits

Singing lessons will make you a better singer and performer, but a lot of what you learn and gain is useful in other areas of your life. Many students discover unexpected benefits of voice lessons that make their time and practice even more worthwhile. Some singers find that the confidence and vocal training they receive in their lessons makes them a better public speaker. Voice lessons also lead to better posture, less stress, and improved communication.

3. Professional Feedback

When it comes to something as personal as your own voice, accepting feedback can sometimes be a challenge. When you work with an experienced singing teacher, you can trust that you’ll get honest and professional feedback. Rather than criticism or empty comments that aren’t helpful, professional feedback from a knowledgeable source leads to growth and improvement.

At Fox Music, our coaches take an individualized, results-based approach and build you a custom vocal training plan that will help you meet your singing and performance goals. We offer singing lessons for all ages – kids aged 7+, teens, and adults.

To learn more about how to get started, contact us at one of our studio locations in either Virginia Beach or Chesapeake.

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