Your First Singing Lesson (Part 2) – What to Expect

March 5, 2020

Your-First-Singing-Lesson-Part-2-What-to-Expect-Fox-MusicWhen faced with the unfamiliar, it can be challenging to know how to prepare. But having some idea of what to expect in your first voice lesson can help you feel calmer and more prepared.

Here are a few things you can expect during your first singing lesson:

1. It’s about your unique voice.

No matter how much you want to sound like your favorite singer, you may never sound like who you want to sound like. Singing is about your unique voice; it’s your instrument. And you can’t change it. (But why would you want to?) Rather than wanting to sound like a famous person, go into your first lesson with the expectation that this is your chance to find your unique sound. You might just surprise yourself.

2. Expect to start with the basics.

Like most skills, you must learn to walk before you run. Rather than jumping right into singing songs, your teacher will get you started with the basics. The basics may seem simple, but warming-up and practicing scales and voice exercises will give your teacher an idea of your range and tone. Once you have the control of your voice, then your teacher will bring in full songs.

3. Be ready to practice every day (or almost every day).

Just like physical fitness and exercise, your voice needs exercise as well. Practicing every day will help you improve while keeping your voice limber. Your teacher will probably assign you homework during your first lesson, so you know what to practice. Teachers always seem to know when you haven’t done your homework, so set aside some time in your schedule to practice. Progress comes from practice!

4. Enjoy the process.

The goals you have for your singing lessons will help your teacher guide your training. But make sure that you’re staying focused on the process. The little things you do each day will be how you get closer to reaching your goals. So take some time to enjoy the process and what you’re learning about your voice and yourself.

In this post, we’ve introduced a few things you can expect during your first voice lesson. In the previous post, we discussed how you can prepare.

At Fox Music, our teachers are credible instructors who have a passion for teaching others. To learn more about how to get started with your first singing lesson, contact us at one of our locations in either Virginia Beach or Chesapeake.

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