6 Ways that Yoga Benefits Your Voice

May 20, 2020

Yoga-Benefits-Your-Voice-Fox-MusicNot only does yoga improve your overall health and well-being, but it can also improve your vocal health and performance.

Here are six ways that yoga benefits your voice:

1. Improves strength and flexibility.

Yoga is one way to build strength and increase flexibility throughout your body. The benefits of building strength include your voice. Yoga also improves your core strength and establishes a connection between your muscles, breath, and mind.

2. Releases tension throughout the body.

Sometimes we hold tension throughout our body without even realizing it. Yoga can help you become more aware of this tension and help you release it. With less unnecessary tension, you’ll be able to sing more freely and naturally.

3. Increases mental focus.

Singing requires a lot of mental focus, perhaps more than you realize. Yoga is one way that you can improve your mental focus as you train your mind and body to work together. Through a yoga practice, your brain learns to mindfully focus on the task at hand. As you develop mental focus, you can use this skill in your singing.

4. Increases body awareness.

Yoga helps increase body awareness or the sense that you have of your body. Body awareness is useful in singing as you become more aware of your posture, form, or technique. You can then make adjustments to allow for space and stability where needed.

5. Improves posture and gives lungs room to breathe.

Speaking of posture, yoga is an effective way to improve your posture. Holding your body with good posture opens up your airway and gives your lungs plenty of space to breathe. Not only will your singing improve with good posture, but it also helps you become a stronger, more confident performer.

6. Promotes full, deep breathing.

Every movement you perform in yoga is synchronized with the flow of your body. Over time, the focus on your breathing teaches you to take full, deep belly breaths. This improvement in your breathing translates into your singing, leading to improvements in your vocal performance.

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