4 Ways that Singing Affects Your Brain

June 8, 2020

Singing-Affects-Your-Brain-Fox-Music-Virginia-Beach-ChesapeakeThere are many benefits to singing and taking singing lessons. And as you learn and improve your vocal skills, you’ll be creating positive changes that you may not even realize are happening. One of these changes takes place in your brain.

Here are four ways that singing affects your brain:

1. Overall Brain Function

Singing requires multiple areas of your brain to activate simultaneously and work together. This cognitive activation is like a workout for your brain, leading to improved brain function over time. Better brain function brings many benefits, including more mental clarity and alertness.

2. Chemical Release

When you sing, two chemicals are released in your brain that make you feel better. The first is a release of endorphins. You release endorphins after exercise as well, and that “runner’s high” like feeling you may have experienced is similar after singing. Your brain also releases oxytocin, which is known to decrease feelings of anxiety and promote social bonding and feelings of trust.

3. Stress Relief

Singing can also be an effective stress-relieving activity. If you’re learning a new song or practicing a specific technique, it requires a lot of mental focus and attention. Singing gives you something to focus on other than whatever might be causing you stress, creating some relief.

4. Learning and Memory

Did you know that you increase your chances of remembering something if you sing it? Not only can singing help you remember something, but it also improves memory itself. For example, memorizing a song promotes positive changes in areas of your brain responsible for retaining information.

The positive effect that singing has on your brain leads to many benefits that improve your health, as well as your daily life.

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