Now Offering Both In-Person And Online Voice Lessons

July 11, 2020

Fox Music is now offering both In-Person and Online Voice Lessons!

If you’re not comfortable coming in just yet, we totally understand. Our online lessons have been a huge hit! Prefer in-person lessons? We understand that as well. Decide between in-person lessons, online lessons, or a combination of both! Many of our students are loving the combination!

Online Lessons:

While in-person lessons have always been the standard, there are some distinct advantages to online singing lessons. If you’re concerned about exposing yourself amid the Covid-19 pandemic, enjoy the benefits of singing lessons from the comfort of your home. We’ve seen a large number of students improve leaps and bounds through our online program. No commuting from your home to the studio leaves more time for practice, and makes it even easier to attend consistently. Some students feel more confident taking lessons from home. We’ve found that many students are willing to try new things and grow in ways they may not have felt comfortable doing in-person.

We offer several options for online study that will fit your needs. In addition to live, interactive, online lessons, virtual students have access to exclusive, backend website resources on our Student Study Center. Fox Music’s Student Study Center is a great resource for you to practice at home, and continue to learn outside of your scheduled instruction time. Learn how to get the most out your online voice lessons.

In-Person Lessons:

Not sure how you feel about learning online? Are you longing for social interaction again? We understand that as well. We are open for in-person lessons and following strict safety protocols to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for both teachers and students. The video shows what your experience will look like for coming in to the studio.

Whether you want online lessons, in-person lessons, or a combination of both, we are here to serve you! To learn more about the programs we offer at Fox Music, contact us at either our location in Virginia Beach or Chesapeake.

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