3 Ways to Bring Mindfulness to Your Vocal Practice

August 21, 2020

Bring-Mindfulness-to-Your-Vocal-Practice-Fox-MusicWhen you sing, you probably think a lot about the physical elements involved: your voice, throat, breathing, etc. But have you ever considered the role your mind plays in your singing performance?

When your mind is all over the place, how can you regain some stillness so that you can focus on your voice and singing? One way is through mindfulness. Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment without any type of judgment or attachment. As you develop mindfulness, you’ll likely experience a variety of benefits, including increased concentration and greater focus.

Here are a few ways that you can bring mindfulness to your vocal practice and training:

1. Sing with intention.

One way to bring mindfulness to your vocal practice is through intention. Rather than practicing and going through the same motions each time, almost like you’re on autopilot, bring intention to your practice. Before you begin practicing, think about what you hope to accomplish. Singing with this intention in mind can help quiet your mind, keep you in the present moment, and even make you feel more confident as you practice.

2. Focus on one skill at a time.

When you sing, is your mind calm and focused, or do you dart from thought to thought? Your mind might be full of ideas like, “How do I sound? Am I breathing right? How’s my support? How long has it been?” One way to quiet your mind is to focus on one skill at a time. If you’re working on breathing, then let that be your single point of focus. Let everything else go until you switch your attention to another skill.

3. Develop a sense of awareness.

As you develop mindfulness while singing, you’ll start to gain a greater sense of awareness. You’ll notice more when your thoughts begin to drift and can bring them back to your point of focus. You’ll feel when you start to tense specific muscles and work on letting go of that tension. There might be things you’re not aware that you’re doing. But the more you’re able to stay in the present and focus on your singing, you’ll develop a sense of awareness that leads to future improvements.

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