Kids Singing Lessons – Build Self-Esteem and Confidence

September 22, 2020

Kids-Singing-Lessons-Build-Self-Esteem-and-Confidence-Fox-MusicConfidence has the power to create many positive outcomes. For kids, confidence helps:

  • Resist peer pressure
  • Experience more successes
  • Become leaders in their schools, communities, etc.

Many activities can help kids to develop self-confidence. And singing is one of them! Here are a few ways that kids build self-esteem and confidence through singing lessons.

Language Development

Music and singing are great ways for kids to improve their language skills. If a child has trouble pronouncing or enunciating words, it might affect their confidence. But singing is a fun and effective way for kids to develop both language and communication skills and boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Individual Improvement

Kids who learn new skills, like singing, have the opportunity to recognize their personal abilities and work toward individual improvement. As a child’s voice improves as a result of practice, it boosts their self-confidence.


Singing lessons create a place for kids to express themselves through music. And when kids are free to be themselves and can practice self-expression, it can help them come out of their shells and feel more confident in who they are.

Overcome Challenges

When learning a new skill, challenges are an inevitable part of the process. However, when a child meets a challenge and finds a way to overcome it, the result is greater self-confidence. Singing lessons might present kids with challenges such as a difficult song or the opportunity to sing in front of others. Working through these and other challenges is a great way for kids to develop confidence in themselves and their ability to problem-solve.

Fox Music provides singing lessons for kids in the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Hampton Roads area. Our instructors can turn shy, quiet, and doubtful beginners into strong, confident singers, as well as powerful performers and leaders.

Contact us at either our Virginia Beach or Chesapeake locations to learn more about getting started.

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