3 Ways Singing Lessons Build Confidence (Beyond the Studio)

October 7, 2020

Singing-Lessons-Build-Confidence-Fox-MusicPursuing singing lessons is a great way to build confidence and self-esteem in kids and adults. And contrary to what you might think, confidence is a skill. Like any other skill, you can improve it. So even if you feel like you’re lacking in confidence now, that doesn’t mean you’ll feel this way forever.

Building confidence through singing lessons as an adult can make you a better singer. But it also has positive effects and increases confidence in other areas of your life. Here are three ways that singing lessons build confidence beyond the studio walls:

1. Public Speaking

Singing lessons can help you become a more confident public speaker. Through singing, you learn to use your voice with power and confidence, and these skills carry over to speaking in front of others. With greater confidence, you’ll feel more comfortable standing in front of an audience and interacting with them with ease.

2. Job Interviews

Another place where confidence from voice lessons can benefit you is in a job interview. Job interviews can produce a lot of anxiety. But with greater confidence, you’ll be able to be yourself, answer questions clearly, and really put your best foot forward. Singing lessons can help you speak up, especially if you have a tendency to be soft-spoken around other people. Another helpful tip you can borrow from singing is breathing deeply through your diaphragm to help you relax. When you feel more relaxed, it’s easier to sing (and speak) with confidence. Gaining confidence through singing lessons may not provide the answers to an interviewer’s questions. Still, it can help you with how you communicate your answer.

3. Performing

A third area that singing lessons help you become more confident in is performing. Whether you’re singing on stage or performing in another way, singing can help you become more comfortable sharing your performance in front of others. By taking lessons, you get weekly practice with singing in front of at least one other person. Through experience, you learn that signing and performing in front of others isn’t always what you imagine it might be (like scary, intimidating, and full of critical opinions).

At Fox Music, we welcome adults and kids to give singing lessons a try. No matter if you’re a beginner singer or an experienced performer, you’ll be surprised at what you can learn and the confidence you build as a result.

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