3 Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons

October 21, 2020

Benefits-of-Taking-Piano-Lessons-Fox-MusicWhen you learn a musical skill, such as singing or playing the piano, it leads to many benefits to your brain and mental health. Here are just a few of the benefits you experience by taking piano lessons:

1. Improved Memory

One of the benefits you stand to gain from taking piano lessons is improved memory. Developing this skill is just one of many cognitive abilities you improve through learning to play the piano. As you begin to memorize music and recall what you’ve learned, you’ll notice improvements in both your short and long term memory. Not only will this make you a better musician, but it will also benefit you in your daily life.

2. Calmer Mind

Another benefit of taking piano lessons is a calmer mind. Sitting down to play and practice is a great way to shift your focus from life’s stressors to an activity where you can learn and be creative. The time you spend at the piano is an excellent way to get some stress relief, work on becoming more mindful of the present, and quiet some of the chatter in your mind.

3. Patience and Perseverance

Learning something new takes time, commitment, discipline, and effort. And playing the piano is one of many skills that require quite a bit of repetition. You must be willing to be patient with the process and persevere through feelings of frustration. However, sticking to the process leads to a sense of accomplishment and success. And again, these are valuable skills that not only apply to playing the piano but also to almost any area of daily life.

At Fox Music, we offer piano lessons to students of all ages beginning at age five. For more information about getting started with piano lessons or any of the singing or theater programs we’re currently offering, contact us today.

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