What to Expect in a Theater Class

October 22, 2020

Are you on the fence about trying a theater class? Sure, acting sounds fun… but what will we do? What is expected of you? We put together a brief overview below to ease your mind. And don’t forget, Fox Music Showtime offers a FREE class trial so you can see for yourself.

Part One: Warm Ups

As actors, we don’t have an instrument to play. Our only performance tools are our body and voice, so it’s important to prep those tools to work. Before each class, rehearsal, audition, or performance, actors should always warm up to allow them to perform at their highest potential. First, we’ll start with a vocal warm-up. This doesn’t mean we’re singing; instead, we’re practicing concepts like abdominal breathing, projecting, and enunciating. This works to help us use our voices in a healthy and effective way when we perform.

Next, we’ll move on to a physical warm-up. Physical warm-ups serve to free us from our day-to-day tension. Do you often find your neck feeling strained from staring at a computer all day? Or are your legs feeling particularly stiff? This is where we’ll address that through a series of guided stretches. Then, we’ll do some specific warm-up exercises to build our energy and focus, which will prepare us for the next part of class.

The best part about warm-ups is that they are not only effective, but they’re also fun and stress-free. Warm-ups are whole group activities, so you won’t feel singled out or pressured. In fact, part of the goal of warm-ups is to relax your body and mind. No pressure here! Warm-up activities are designed to be fun. You’ll often find yourself laughing and feeling focused and comfortable by the end of this portion of class.

Part Two: Learning Theatre Concepts

Fox Music Showtime classes use a rotating curriculum. This means that each time you come to class, you’ll be learning a new concept – rules of improvisation, characterization, or pantomime, for example. And if you miss a class? It’s no big deal, eventually the curriculum will come back around again and you’ll learn the concept you missed.

Don’t expect a lecture like in an academic classroom. Learning in a theater class is exciting and engaging. We teach through hands-on learning, doing whole group activities that will give you practical experience using the concept. You’ll be up and moving, interacting with other students, and trying new things to discover the focus concept for that day.

Throughout the class, we’ll also have opportunities to perform and collaborate with the other students in the class. Acting is not a solo activity. Your class group will quickly begin to feel like a family, so you can explore new things and enjoy it with a close-knit group.

Remember, theater class is a safe environment. We will never make you do anything you feel uncomfortable doing. Instead, we’ll encourage you to try new things and give you positive feedback as you progress. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our Fox Music Showtime web page, and schedule a free class trial to see for yourself! Still not sure how you feel about it? Find out more about the benefits of taking an acting class.

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