How Acting Lessons Build Confidence

October 26, 2020

Acting lessons are known for being fun and having many benefits, but did you know that they are also proven to build confidence? Fox Music Showtime theater classes present a unique opportunity to come out of your shell and develop your belief in your abilities in all aspects of life. In acting lessons, we’ll won’t hand you a magic key and say, “This is how to have confidence.” Instead, through participating in lessons each week, your confidence will grow naturally over time. Here’s how we’ll accomplish this.

Activities in class will bring you out of your shell. Throughout each class, you’ll participate in a variety of interactive exercises, which will provide repeated opportunities to explore your theater abilities in a safe space. Whether the focus for the day is “acting from the gut,” movement, or vocal work, each class will involve exercises that will engage you directly in the new concept. These activities may be individual, small group, or large group activities, which will allow you to develop confidence in a variety of settings. But don’t let this scare you. While students are encouraged to participate and try new things, our teachers will never require anyone to do more than they are comfortable with. This philosophy fosters confidence at a pace that is best suited for each individual student, taking away the pressure and allowing self-esteem to develop naturally over time.

In an acting lesson, students will always feel supported, even as they explore new theater concepts. As you try new activities, everyone will receive positive and encouraging feedback from their teachers and their peers. You will grow and improve while focusing on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Additionally, each student in class will participate in each exercise, so there is no need to ever feel “singled out.” When everyone is willing to try something new all together, it begins to feel less intimidating. You’ll gain confidence from being around a group of people who will support you in your acting journey, no matter your current level of ability.

Each and every class is an opportunity to practice informal performing and public speaking in front of groups of people. These informal experiences will range from simple things like introducing yourself to more complex tasks like performing a short scene in class. As with anything, the more you practice expressing yourself in a group setting, the easier it will become. By challenging yourself to participate each week in informal performances, you’ll quickly become more comfortable with everyday experiences such as class presentations, meeting new people, or experiencing a situation or the first time.

Acting lessons provide you with more opportunities to build your confidence than you can imagine. The level of confidence you’ll gain will propel you to success in all avenues of life. And the best part is that this change will happen without you even trying! So what are you waiting for? Check out our Fox Music Showtime page for more information, then schedule a time to come in for a free class and see it for yourself!

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