How to Get Over Fear of Acting

November 4, 2020

Many of us think about how fun it would be to be an actor at one time or another. How great would it be to have played the lead character in your favorite TV show and have made millions of dollars doing something that you love? Or maybe you’ve thought about performing a show with a group of people who become so close to you throughout the process that you consider them family. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to try theater, something seems to hold many of us back from exploring our theatrical talents. For many of us, acting seems scary, and we can’t seem to get past the fear of trying. Acting requires being bold and expressive, maybe more so than you are in your day to day life. That can be intimidating. But here’s the truth: whether acting is a career path for you or just a hobby, you can be an actor. You just have to START.

This doesn’t mean you have to jump in to auditioning for lead roles on Broadway. Just take baby steps. A great way to ease yourself into theater is to take an acting class. In class, you’ll get the opportunity to learn basic theatre skills and try out new concepts in an environment that is safe and welcoming. You’ll be surrounded by a supportive group of people that won’t judge you as you explore your abilities, so you can feel free to put yourself out there without fear. You can learn and grow your skills in a classroom setting long before trying a public performance. Not sure what to expect? At Fox Music Showtime, each lesson will include warm-ups to focus your mind and body, ensemble exercises to work with a collaborative group of students, and interactive activities based on a daily focus concept. No one will ever pressure you to participate in an activity that makes you uncomfortable. Instead, your teachers and your peers will positively encourage you to do as much as you’re comfortable with and guide you in improvement at your own pace.

After attending some lessons and gaining an understanding of theatre, your teacher can help direct you towards further goals, whether they’re as simple as coming out of your shell in class or as complex as being a famous actress. Once you start theater lessons, each class and performance will become easier and easier. Theater helps your confidence develop, so once you get started, you’ll begin to feel more at ease with your talents and abilities.

But if you’re still a little nervous, Fox Music Showtime offers new students the chance to try a FREE acting class to see how they feel. So don’t wait. Take the leap and give yourself a chance!

About the Author: zpthemetest