5 Positive Things to Say to Yourself While Practicing

November 5, 2020

Positive-Things-to-Say-to-Yourself-While-Practicing-Fox-MusicHave you ever paid attention to how you talk to yourself while you’re singing or practicing? Some of your inner dialogue might be positive and productive. But what about any negative thoughts that creep in?

You can manage your negative thoughts by replacing them with more positive ones. While it might sound kind of cheesy or silly, repeating positive thoughts in your head can make a huge difference in your practice time.

Here are a few positive things that you can say to yourself while practicing:

1. “I am focused.”

When your mind is all over the place and filled with thoughts that have nothing to do with singing, bring your attention to a single thought about focus. Take a few deep breaths and say in your head, or even out loud, “I am focused.”

2. “I’m learning something new.”

If you’re practicing and feel like you’re stuck on a particular part of a song, your thoughts might sound something like, “I can’t do this. I’ll never get this.” Replace these types of negative thoughts with a reminder about the learning process. Try telling yourself, “I’m learning something new.”

3. “I can challenge myself.”

When you have a tough day, or you’re learning something new and complicated, it can be frustrating. Steer your thoughts in a more positive direction by saying, “I can challenge myself.” And remember that not everything about singing will be easy.

4. “Hard work pays off.”

When you start feeling discouraged, try to think about all of the hard work and effort you’ve already put in. Your improvement hasn’t happened because of luck. Saying, “Hard work pays off.” reinforces this idea.

5. “I am confident.”

Some days, you’ll start to sing, and you’ll just feel off. Your mind or your voice doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. Rather than letting disappointment or frustration take over, tell yourself, “I am confident.” Regaining a sense of confidence in your skills can turn your daily practice in a more positive direction.

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