How to Practice Gratitude (Through Singing)

November 20, 2020

Practice-Gratitude-Through-Singing-Fox-MusicNow is a great time of year to reflect on things like gratitude, celebration, and giving thanks. No doubt about it, this has been a challenging year. Taking some time to think about the things you’re grateful for could go a long way in shifting your mindset.

If you’re not familiar with practicing gratitude, it might feel a little silly or strange. But most new things tend to feel this way. To get you started, try practicing gratitude in an area of your life that you’re familiar with – singing!

Here are just a few ideas on how to practice gratitude through singing:

Make a list of what you’re grateful for (related to singing).

Set some time aside to make a list of what you’re grateful for. Again, if you’re new to this, start with a list related to singing. Here are a few suggestions that you can personalize to make this list your own:

  • The things your voice allows you to do. Sing, communicate, etc.
  • The time and attention your vocal coach provides.
  • The opportunity you have to pursue something that you enjoy.
  • The skills you have and the gifts you appreciate in others.
  • The benefits singing has brought to your life.

Keep one or two of the items in mind as you practice.

Use this list as a reminder of all the things that singing brings to your life. You can even use this list to set an intention before you begin practicing. If you find that you have a hard time transitioning from daily life to practice time, read through your list, and see if it helps put you in the proper practice mindset. Keep one or two of the items in mind as you practice and express your gratitude as you sing.

On days you’re feeling unmotivated, review your list.

Once you have your list, feel free to revisit it often. On a day where you’re feeling less motivated to practice singing, review your list. Or, if you’re feeling stuck or frustrated, read through all the positive things singing has brought to your life. Not only will it remind you of all the great things singing brings to your life, but it can even boost your confidence and revive your belief in your ability to sing.

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