How Theater Can Make You Happier

December 17, 2020

Here’s a little known fact: taking an acting class is literally proven to make people happier! It’s a fun, unique experience that will excite you every week, but more than that, it fulfills our emotional needs. Humans need three basic things that theatre provides: expression, connection, and personal accomplishment.

How many opportunities do you get to express yourself in your daily life? We all need outlets for expression, but this is something that often flies under our radar, and we never make time for it. Make time for it now! In theater lessons, you’ll get a constant opportunity to express yourself through physical, vocal, individual, and whole group activities. Every week in class brings something new, so you will always be finding new creative methods to explore. The more you attend class and stretch your imagination, the more creative you will become not only in theatre but also in your whole life. But beyond artistic expression, acting also allows for emotional expression. Taking a step back from ourselves to act as someone else allows us to do some self-reflection and gives us an opportunity to express our feelings through the arts in a safe environment.

Acting class also provides human connection. Theatre by its very nature is a collaborative art form, and it requires working very closely with other people. Each lesson will provide this collaboration in different ways. You may be working with one person to perform a scripted or improvisational scene, brainstorming with the whole group to pantomime an imagined environment, or giving positive and constructive critiques to others as they perform monologues. Either way, you’ll work closely with each person in the class, students and teachers alike. Over time, you will begin to feel like a family, gaining a community that supports you both artistically and personally. You’ll gain interpersonal skills and be surrounded with people who love theatre as much as you do. This level of connection is difficult to reproduce in any other environment; it is unique to theater. This is a great way to make friends!

Theater class also gives you a sense of accomplishment by building your confidence. The more you participate in class and the greater your skills and talents become, the more confidence you will gain. If you’ve been scared of performing in the past, we’ll start by taking baby steps until acting for an audience eventually becomes second nature. Plus, as you learn new concepts, you’ll become a stronger actor. And remember that supportive community we described? They’ll be with you every step of the way to build you up and encourage you to work towards everything you hope to achieve!

About the Author: zpthemetest