How Acting Lessons Make You A Better Singer

January 14, 2021

People often forget that one of the most important aspects of being a great singer is being a great performer. That’s why Fox Music’s Solo Vocal Academy strives to provide consistent performance opportunities for you to grow your performance skills alongside your voice. But if you feel this is an area you really struggle, acting lessons can take your performance skills to the next level.

1. Stage Presence

One of the first things you’ll gain from participating in a theater class is greater stage presence. Stage presence can be described as “the it factor.” It’s what makes everyone in the room want to look at you. During your first few acting lessons, we’ll spend a lot of time working on getting you comfortable in front of a group of people in informal and formal performances, and then we’ll work specifically on making you shine onstage. One of the great things about acting lessons is that they naturally boost your confidence. Each in-class activity is designed to grow your self-esteem, and your peers and teachers will be there to encourage you every step of the way. Before you know it, you’ll feel much more comfortable performing both musically and theatrically.

2. Understanding Nuances of Performance Skills

Theatre classes also make you a stand-out performer by teaching you how to analyze and interpret pieces you’re working on. We’ll dedicate time to learning how to pull apart scripts and songs to break them down into smaller meanings. You’ll learn concepts like subtext, objectives, and tactics, all which will help you gain a deeper understanding of the song. We’ll work more specifically on the gestures you’ve practiced using in singing lessons to tie them in to these theatrical concepts. This will make the meaning of each song you sing much clearer and powerful for you as a performer and for your audience.

3. Learning Audition Etiquette

If you hope to one day audition for anything – a chorus, a solo at church, or a professional gig – acting lessons will help! In Fox Music Showtime, we will teach you audition etiquette and how to get the part you want. You’ll even get the opportunity to do mock auditions, where we will give you targeted critiques that will help you grow before your auditions. Plus, connections matter in the audition world! Theatre is another opportunity to make connections in the local artistic community, through your peers and your teacher.

Having diverse experiences in the arts makes you a better artist overall. You’ll gain confidence, a greater understanding of the underlying emotion and meaning behind your music, and prepare for future auditions. Come in and try a free acting lesson today!

About the Author: zpthemetest