How Theater Class Makes You Healthier

January 19, 2021

Taking a theater class has many benefits, but did you know it can also make you healthier? It may seem like something you wouldn’t expect, but acting on a regular basis will improve both your physical and mental health.

The first way theater makes you healthier is by increasing your confidence. By participating in class on a regular basis and pushing yourself to expand your comfort zone, you will gain a greater belief in your abilities over time. This confidence will positively impact your acting ability, but more importantly, it will transfer over to all aspects of your life. You’ll feel more confident in all you do and have a greater sense of self. In turn, your mental health will greatly improve.

But theatre improves your mental health in another way as well. Acting is a great way to relieve stress! In theater class, we focus on being present in the moment and setting aside our outside worries and stressors so we can fully embody a character. Talk about an escape from reality! After each theatre lesson, you will leave feeling lighter and more relaxed. That’s sure to do wonders for your health.

If you are not already an actor, this next way acting can improve your health may come as a shock to you. Theatre will improve your physical condition greatly. Actors have to physically be able to do whatever their role demands of them, so we work each class on some form of physical acting activity. Exercise not your thing? Don’t let this scare you away; it’s not like conditioning for a sport. We’re talking about things like light stretching in our warm-ups, exploring basic steps of musical theatre dance, and learning how to use our whole bodies to embody different characters. You’ll begin to be more aware of your physical capabilities and learn how to keep your body healthy for acting and beyond.

Taking acting lessons will make you healthier by improving your physical and mental health with minimal effort on your part. Come in and try a free theater class to improve your health and have a great time doing it!

About the Author: zpthemetest