How to Choose Audition Material for Theater

February 12, 2021

As you prepare for your next audition, there are many things to consider; resumes, headshots, and the list goes on and on. Choosing audition material can be one of the hardest tasks for any performer to accomplish. How do you know what’s good material and what’s not? Here are some of our best tips:

1. Research the audition requirements

Check the requirements, and then check them again. They may be extremely different for each audition you do, so it’s important to double check what is expected of you in every situation. Do not go into the room blind! You may be turned away if you do not prepare what you were asked to. Look into these expectations as early as possible so you have adequate time to prepare.

2. Avoid the “theatre no go’s”

The most popular songs and monologues out there are the most popular for a reason; everyone loves them! But unfortunately, that means the casting team will see and hear the same songs and monologues over and over again and tire of those selections very quickly. Bring something fresh to the table! Try to find lesser known pieces that will make you stand out. If you bring in something they don’t want to hear, they may ask you to perform something else. And in professional auditions, you may even be turned away simply for choosing too popular of a song or monologue to audition with.

3. Showcase your best self

Never choose material that you cannot relate to or that you dislike. An audition should be your best performance, so choose material that will make you shine. Think about what your skill set is. Are you great at making your audience laugh? Choose a comedic piece! Then, consider where your skills do not lie. If you have very little experience with Shakespeare, for instance, don’t go into an audition room and try to perform a Shakespearean monologue.

Still not sure how to choose audition material? Think about how meeting with an acting coach can help you, and come in for a free acting lesson!

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