4 Tips to Keep Music Fun for Your Kids

April 7, 2021

Keep-Music-Fun-for-Your-Kids-Fox-MusicThe number one reason a child wants to stop an activity or sport is that it isn’t fun anymore. Which means the best way to encourage your child to stick with something is to keep it fun.

Here are four tips to keep music fun for your kids:

1. Focus on the Process

Help your kids to focus on the process instead of outcomes. Emphasize the importance of improving their individual skills over being “the best.” Help your kids see how far they’ve come and the progress they’ve made.

2. Find Out What’s Fun

As a parent, you can reinforce the value of having fun by asking your kids what they enjoy about their music lessons. Ask them if they’re having fun or find out something that was fun during a rehearsal or lesson. Not only do you help highlight what’s fun about participating in music, but you’re also sending a message that fun is an essential part of the experience.

3. Set Realistic Expectations

Set realistic expectations for your child’s skills and performance and help your child manage their expectations, as well. When expectations are high, it can create unnecessary pressure. Again, help your child to focus on learning and set realistic expectations around improvement.

4. Stay Positive

The more positive things you have to say to your child, the more they’re likely to enjoy music and continue with it. If your child begins to struggle or faces a new challenge, let their teacher or instructor provide any feedback. Focus on saying positive things, like “I love hearing you work so hard.”

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