What Does it Mean to Improve as a Singer?

May 7, 2021

What-Does-it-Mean-to-Improve-as-a-Singer-Fox-MusicIf you’re looking to improve as a singer, voice lessons are a great way to develop your skills. Once you start taking lessons, what are some of the improvements that you’ll notice? What does it mean to improve as a singer?

Subjective vs. Objective

When it comes to improvements to your singing, you can make both subjective and objective observations.


Some of the subjective improvements you might notice in your singing are related to your self-confidence. Perhaps you used to be afraid to sing in front of people, and now you’ve grown your confidence. The subjective improvements are great to experience, but they’re not easy to measure. Sometimes it’s helpful to have some more objective changes that you can tangibly identify and link to how you’re improving.


Objective singing improvements are definable changes that you can measure. For example, can you sing higher or lower than you did before? Can you sing the right note at the right time – are you pitchy, or are you right on? Has your voice become more powerful than it used to be? Or perhaps, it’s now easier for you to sing.

At Fox Music, we not only want to help you improve your singing. We also want to help you identify how you’ve improved. We work with our students to grow and develop their vocal skills. You might be a singer with a small voice, a volume not much louder than how you talk, and a limited range. We can help you develop power in your voice and expand your range over two octaves while still in control.

These are just some of the objective improvements that we can guide you toward. To learn more about how to get started with voice lessons, contact us at either our Chesapeake or Virginia Beach locations today.

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