4 Leadership Skills Developed Through Music

May 21, 2021

Leadership-Skills-Developed-Through-Music-Fox-MusicKids of all ages who participate in music and theater programs develop a variety of skills. This includes life skills that assist young singers and musicians in becoming effective leaders.

Here are just a few of the leadership skills developed through music:

1. Focus

Focus is a mental skill that kids develop over time. Through voice lessons and other music and theater programs, kids learn to focus their attention, concentrate, and ignore distractions. Kids practice paying attention to what is relevant and responding appropriately while letting go of everything else.

2. Self-Discipline

Another leadership skill kids develop through music is self-discipline. By developing self-discipline, kids learn the value of knowing what to do in any situation and carrying out that responsibility – even if no one is watching. A disciplined voice or theater student puts in the hard work and effort and trains through repetition to improve or accomplish a goal.

3. Self-Confidence

In addition to improving focus and discipline, kids also develop self-confidence with practice. Through voice and theater training, over time, kids build up a belief in their abilities. They learn that they can feel a sense of accomplishment and experience success through hard work, patience, and dedication. A student with self-confidence is more likely to become a confident and successful leader.

4. Communication and Other Social Skills

Communication is both a social and leadership skill that kids develop through the group environment of singing and theater lessons and classes. Students learn how to interact with others and build relationships with kids outside of school. Even shy students are encouraged to come out of their shells and develop better communication skills.

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