4 Ways Singing Improves Your Communication Skills

June 21, 2021

Singing-Improves-Your-Communication-Skills-Fox-MusicWorking to improve your singing voice shares a lot in common with developing your communication skills. Because of their shared features, singing is a great way to improve your communication skills.

Here are a few ways that improving your singing voice also improves how you communicate with others:

1. Expression

One way singing improves your communication skills is by learning how to express yourself. Vocal qualities such as tone, pitch, voice inflection, and pacing all contribute to how well you’re able to express yourself. Learning how to alter these vocal qualities through singing can help you communicate with others.

2. Clarity

Another way singing improves your communication skills is through clarity. When singing, you learn how to control your breath, emphasize specific words or syllables, and enunciate. Breathing, emphasis, and enunciation are also important in everyday conversation so that the people around you can understand you clearly.

3. Focus and Concentration

Focus and concentration is another element of communication that improves though a vocal practice. If singing is something you enjoy, then it’s easy to be engaged and attentive to the task at hand. The same is true when you’re listening to others sing. The more you focus and listen while singing, the more likely you are to be engaged with and focused on the conversations around you, making you a better listener and communicator.

4. Nonverbal Communication

While singing promotes the advancement of your verbal communication skills, it also improves your nonverbal communication. Singing teaches you to become more confident in using your voice and how you carry yourself. This confidence spills into other areas of your life and encourages you to coordinate your words with good eye contact and hand gestures as you interact with others.

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