5 Tips for a Healthy Voice

July 8, 2021

Tips-for-a-Healthy-Voice-Fox-MusicWe all have daily habits that we follow to improve our health and well-being. But did you know that there are habits that you can adopt that keep your voice healthy and functioning properly?

Here are a few tips for developing and maintaining a healthy voice:

1. Drink plenty of water.

One of the simplest habits you can adopt to keep your voice healthy is to drink plenty of water. Don’t wait until right before you sing to drink water; keep sipping throughout the day to stay well hydrated.

2. Belly breathe.

Belly breathing can help keep your voice healthy by reducing strain. Rather than only breathing with your upper chest, breathe from your belly. These deeper breaths are fuller and come more easily with less strain.

3. Warm up your voice.

Before using your voice, take time to warm up first. A vocal warm-up can include various exercises and drills for your personal vocal range and level of experience.

4. Improve your posture.

Another simple and easy tip for a healthy voice is to improve your posture. When you slouch, you constrict your airway and decrease your breathing capacity. Support your voice by standing up straight and keeping your airway open.

5. Learn proper singing technique.

Learning proper singing technique is a great way to keep your voice healthy. However, if you’re not sure what this entails, a vocal coach can help you learn how to use your voice properly.

Whether you’re using your voice to sing, make a presentation, or engage in conversation, these tips will help keep your voice healthy.

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