4 Things Kids Might Enjoy about Singing

July 21, 2021

Things-Kids-Might-Enjoy-about-Singing-Fox-MusicMusic and singing come with a lot of benefits that adults recognize and appreciate. For example, learning to sing also takes focus and discipline, making it an excellent activity for a child’s development. Exploring a musical activity, like singing, also helps kids explore music and grow their own unique talent.

As parents, we have some ideas of what our kids can get out of the experience. But here are a few things that kids might enjoy about singing:

1. Boost in Self-Confidence

Singing is a skill which means, with practice, you can get better over time. Kids who practice singing can recognize how they’ve improved. As a result, they experience a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment which creates a boost in self-confidence. And while a child may not be able to articulate that this positive feeling is increased self-confidence, they’ll still be able to notice a change.

2. Overcome Shyness

Some kids struggle with speaking up in front of others. Singing creates a comfortable space for kids to practice using their voices. Over time, kids who sing start to overcome their shyness and are more willing to use their voices in situations that don’t involve singing.

3. Express Who You Are

Singing is another way to communicate with others and share who we are. And it’s a fun way to be creative! When we sing a song that we like, it triggers a positive response and becomes a way to express who we are and share that with others.

4. Have Some Fun

For some kids, the thing they like most about singing is simple. It’s fun! Again, they may not be able to express what makes it so fun. But there is no mistaking that singing one of their favorite songs puts a smile on their face and puts them in a happy mood.

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