How to Gain the Confidence to Become a Solo Singer

August 21, 2021

Gain-the-Confidence-to-Become-a-Solo-Singer-Fox-MusicYou’re in your car singing along to your favorite song – comfortable, confident, and strong. But as soon as you sing on your own, that confidence seems to disappear. Does this sound familiar?

While singing along with someone is fun and allows you to enjoy some of your favorite songs, ultimately, the goal for most singers is to move away from this and sing solo. When you’re dependent on someone else guiding you through a song, it’s never going to be your own performance.

Here are some tips on how you can move away from singing along with another singer and gain the confidence to be a solo singer:

Step 1.

The first step to singing on your own is choosing a song and singing along with it three times every day. While you’re singing along, look at the sheet music and lyrics. Once you do this for about a week, chances are pretty good that you’ve learned the song well enough to move on to Step 2.

Step 2.

The next step is to practice singing the song three times a day with just the accompaniment track. This is similar to how you would sing karaoke. Practice singing with the accompaniment track (and the sheet music) for another week.

Step 3.

The final step is to put the music away and sing the song (on your own) from memory. At this point, you don’t have the words in front of you. So, no one is guiding you through the music. The song is yours to sing.

This progression will help you gain the confidence to become a solo singer. At first, you still might feel uncomfortable or unsure. But the more you practice this with additional songs, the easier it gets. Yes, the first few times you do this, the songs will be challenging. But stick with the process, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a strong, confident solo singer.

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