The Toughest Challenge in Singing (and How to Master It)

September 7, 2021

Toughest-Challenge-in-Singing-and-How-to-Master-It-Fox-MusicNo matter how good you are when you start singing, there are parts of your voice that don’t yet work as well as you’d like them to. For many people, it’s the high notes and developing your chest voice. For others, it could be just not having enough power.

It’s true that we all have our unique vocal strengths and weaknesses and goals for where we want to take our singing. But as a singer who wants to get better, you might’ve wondered, “What’s the hardest thing to master vocally?” or “What’s the toughest thing about singing?

One of the toughest challenges in singing also happens to be the biggest sign of growth and improvement. And that is when you can sing with a wide range and a voice that’s powerful and lush and responds to the emotions within the song you’re performing. You know you’re on your way to mastering this when you get your voice to work at its peak without having to think about it while you perform.

How to Master the Challenge

How do you make your voice respond effortlessly to the technical requirements and emotional content of a song?

Be patient with the process.
Singing from your heart and singing beautifully is a skill that you cultivate over time.

Practice vocal exercises.
There are exercises that help your voice respond to the demands of a song. The key is committing to practicing these exercises day after day, month after month, and even year after year.

Develop a new instrument.
With time and practice, your voice will develop and change over time. Your vocal muscles will grow to such an extent that your voice becomes virtually unrecognizable to what it used to be. Your improvement results in singing with what is essentially a whole new instrument.

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