How to Increase Your Vocal Range

October 7, 2021

How-to-Increase-Your-Vocal-Range-Fox-MusicIf you’re a singer who’s looking to improve, you might be asking, “Is it possible to increase my range?” The simple answer is yes! Increasing range is one of the main focuses of voice training.

Given that it’s possible to increase your range, your next question is probably, “How?”

If you want to increase your range, then understand that some things are going to change. Improvement takes change. You might have to start exercising your voice in ways that you don’t particularly like. Or you might not like the sound that you create. You must be brave and willing to change and willing to make some ugly noises.

But to improve and increase your range, you have to push your voice in directions that will challenge it to grow. And you might have to get a little uncomfortable with what you hear.

Why You Should Work with a Voice Coach to Increase Your Range

Once you start down the road of increasing range, you might find that you have some mental blocks to changing your voice. This is why it’s so helpful to have a really good voice teacher there to guide you. Your vocal coach will know what kinds of changes you should be working toward and what things you should avoid.

Another reason why it’s helpful to work with a voice coach to increase your range is to protect your voice. Most people who work on range without guidance will try to scream out the high notes by pushing as hard as possible. But this won’t help you get better; in fact, it will hinder your improvement.

Getting regular voice instruction is the best way to work on range. You’ll know what exercises to work on, when you’re ready to introduce them into your training, and how to put them into practice.

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