Lung Capacity vs. Vocal Efficiency

October 21, 2021

Lung-Capacity-vs.-Vocal-Efficiency-Fox-MusicAs you’ve practiced and gained vocal experience, at some point you might’ve wondered, “How can I increase my lung capacity for singing?” Or, “I wonder what exercises would help me increase my lung capacity and hold more air?”

To answer these questions, let’s first take a closer look at lung capacity.

Lung Capacity

In simple terms, lung capacity refers to the volume of air in your lungs after taking a deep breath. As it turns out, there is no physiological way to increase your lung capacity or the size of your lungs. It’s physically impossible.

So, no matter how much you practice or what vocal exercises you do, it won’t make a physiological difference. Your lung capacity is set.

But, before you get disappointed or frustrated about running out of air while singing, know that there is an alternative option. And that is vocal efficiency!

Vocal Efficiency

Although it may not be possible to make your lungs grow or expand, you can work to maximize the capacity that you currently have. And that happens through training to improve your vocal efficiency.

You can improve your vocal efficiency through consistent training and practice. It’s one of the many benefits of exercising your voice regularly. As you practice, your efficiency will improve. (And these are improvements that happen without actually increasing the capacity of your lungs.)

Vocal efficiency is all about using a smaller amount of air to make the same sound as a large amount of air. As you practice and your voice begins to operate more efficiently, you’re going to develop the ability to sing for a long time on one breath. So, while you haven’t changed anything in regards to your lung capacity or size, the outcome essentially amounts to achieving the same desired goal.

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