How to Practice Singing with a Fatigued Voice

November 7, 2021

How-to-Practice-with-a-Fatigued-Voice-Fox-MusicHave you ever had a long day where you had to do a lot of talking? If so, you might be wondering if it’s unhealthy for your voice to sing when it has already done quite a bit of work.

Is it unhealthy to sing after a long day of talking?

The answer is probably yes. You want to do what you can to promote vocal health.

Vocal Health

When we talk about vocal health or what unhealthy singing means, it isn’t so much about illnesses, like a cold or flu. Instead, vocal health is more about keeping your voice in shape and avoiding damage to your vocal cords.

Unhealthy singing is singing in any way that leads to the deterioration of your voice. You know you’ve used your voice to the point of fatigue when you notice hoarseness and dryness or when your voice no longer responds in a way that it used to when you first started practicing.

If you notice any of these signs, you and your voice have probably had enough for the day.

But You Can Still Practice!

If your voice is fatigued, but you still want to practice, you can! Here are a few ways you can still practice:

  • You can practice silently without vocalizing.
  • You can work on memorizing the words.
  • You can practice going through the phrases in your mind and figure out where you want to take a breath.

These are all wonderful ways to practice. Because if your voice is fatigued, you’re better off leaving it alone and holding off on doing any more vocal exercises.

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