The Best Piece of Advice for Singers

December 21, 2021

A woman in a black and red Stripe shirt sings while holding a microphoneWhen it comes to improving your voice, there is a lot of helpful advice available. Amid all of these resources are snippets of great advice that come from knowledgeable voice coaches and instructors.

You can find guidance on:

And with all this information available, at some point, you might find yourself wondering, “Well, what’s the best piece of advice for a singer like me?”

The Best Vocal Advice from a Fox Music Founder

If you’re a singer working on improving your voice, then you might find this advice from one of Fox Music’s founders, Saul Fox, helpful. The best piece of advice he has for singers is:

“Stop trying to be beautiful all the time.”

To get better and move through the learning process, you must be willing to embrace the ugly sounds. As much as you want to create pleasant sounds with your voice, what you hear won’t be beautiful all the time. You have to go through a bit of an ugly zone first before you transition and improve.

But if you’re willing to go through this “ugly duckling” stage and stick with your vocal practice, you’re more likely to experience the improvement that you want! You just need to stop trying to be beautiful all the time.

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