How Do You Know Your Voice Type?

January 21, 2022

A man practices singing while holding a microphoneHave you ever asked yourself, “How do I know my voice type?” As a singer, it’s a great question to ask! First, let’s look at how singers are usually placed within a chorus.

Your Place in a Chorus

When you sing in chorus, most of the time, a choral director will assign you to a voice part based on whatever note range you happen to be comfortable with right now. For example:

  • If the high notes are hard for you (as a female), you probably won’t be put in the soprano section.
  • And if the high notes are hard for you (as a male), you probably won’t be placed in the tenor section.

Another common pattern with choruses is for singers to be placed in the soprano section because sopranos tend to sing the melody of a song. And if harmonizing is difficult for you, then you might find yourself singing with the sopranos because it’s a more comfortable place to be (even if your voice is better on the low notes).

So, if you’re going to sing in a chorus right now, stick to your comfortable range. But remember that this is not what you’re limited to. The important thing to note is that just because a choral director assigns you to a particular section, that doesn’t mean that’s what you are. That’s just what happens to work best for you currently.

Your Range and the Benefit of Vocal Training

When training your voice, you’ll train across the ranges. You’ll train and sing high notes, as well as low notes – no matter where you’re most comfortable. Training across the ranges helps you make your voice the best it can be. With practice, you’ll find that you have a broader range of notes that you can sing comfortably.

After training and developing this range, you’ll find you’re able to sing many different parts. But at the same time, a well-trained singer will be able to narrow things down. You’ll discover the sweet spot or where your voice sounds the best. So instead of sticking with where you are right now (or where a director placed you), training helps you find the best place for your voice.

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