Coming Back to the Piano

March 21, 2022

“I used to play the piano but not anymore.” Have you said these words before? And have you been thinking about getting back to playing the piano once again?

First, it’s great that you’re thinking about getting back to it. And here are a few suggestions on how to come back to the piano after a long absence.

1. Be realistic.

There aren’t many activities where you can pick them up right where you left off. Well, except for maybe riding a bike. So before you sit down at the piano, remind yourself that yes, you’ve done this before. And you might remember some things. But it’s also okay to have forgotten. Rather than getting frustrated that you’re not able to play as you did before, cut yourself some slack and give yourself some time to learn again.

2. Create structure.

If you’re serious about coming back to the piano, it’s important to create some structure around your practice. Sitting down to practice “when you feel like it” may not yield the results you’re hoping for. So instead, work with a piano teacher to help you build structure. Together, you can create a piano lesson and practice routine that is personalized to you and that you can stick with consistently.

3. Have fun.

No one likes to keep doing an activity when it’s no longer fun. So, as you’re coming back to playing the piano, remember what makes the whole process enjoyable! Sure, they might be some days that you’re not as motivated to sit down and practice. But once you’re in front of the keys, focus on all that you gain from the experience. Let yourself enjoy your time and smile.

Ready to get started? Fox Music works with students of all ages, and it’s never too late to start or come back to the piano! No matter what your goals are, we are happy to help. Contact us today to learn more about the programs we’re currently offering at our Chesapeake and Virginia Beach locations.

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