What’s the Right Age to Start Piano Lessons? 

August 7, 2022

Right age for piano lessons

Whether you’re looking for summer activities or trying to decide your back-to-school schedule, piano lessons — and music education in general — can be an extremely positive and beneficial experience for any kid. So, it’s no surprise that one of the most frequent questions we’re asked by parents is what’s the right age to start piano lessons? 

The Best Age to Start Piano Lessons 

In our experience, between the ages of five and nine is a fun time to start piano lessons. That’s typically the time in which mental readiness, emotional readiness, and physical readiness all converge and provide a good foundation upon which kids can be successful with piano lessons. Not to mention that, by then, they’re typically in school and have experience in a teaching environment. 

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t encourage younger kids from experimenting with the piano — you should! But formal lessons will require them to know their letters, quickly differentiate their right hand from their left, have the patience to sit still for the entirety of the lesson, and commit to daily practice. Sometimes the three and four-year-old kids don’t have that down yet. 

And it’s also worth mentioning that you’re never too old to start piano lessons, either. And that includes adults. In fact, being an older student can be a big advantage when it comes to having the dedication and desire to stick with it and practice regularly. We’ve had more than one parent-child combo sign up for dual lessons. 

Is Your Child Ready for Piano Lessons? 

Beginning piano lessons can be a great milestone in your child’s life and education. At Fox Music, our instructors are experienced with the needs of beginning students. We specialize in supplying individual attention to ensure all students have a positive experience and learn to play.

If your young one is interested in piano lessons, Fox Music can help. Our teachers are well-trained, experienced instructors and role models. Contact us at either our Chesapeake or Virginia Beach locations for more information.

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