3 Tips to Approach Piano Lessons as a Beginner Adult

September 7, 2022

How to approach piano lessons if you're an adultIt might be hard for an old dog to learn new tricks, but it’s surprisingly achievable for an adult to learn how to play piano. Several times a week we’re contacted by adults who want to learn how to play the piano, but they’re worried that it’s too late. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only can you learn to play as an adult, but being an adult can be a huge advantage. 

While it’s true kids are able to learn movements and motions quickly, the genuine desire that drives adult piano students can more than compensate for the years. So, if you’re an adult who is considering learning to play piano, the following are a few tips to keep in mind to make it a smooth and successful endeavor.

1. Find a Teacher You Like

While some adults are self-taught piano players, in-person instruction from an experienced teacher is more likely to help you progress farther and faster than trying to learn on your own. Find a teacher who you relate to and who can help you achieve your goal so that you can learn and play the styles of music that you want to play.

2. Practice Daily

Even if you’re not necessarily trying to get to Carnegie Hall, putting in the time with regular practice is essential to learn and progress with the piano. Every day, aim to spend fifteen to sixty minutes practicing. There are a multitude of practice apps that can teach you exercises, and an in-person instructor will also provide you with a practice plan that’s both comprehensive and well-rounded.

3. Don’t Give Up

You know that advice we always give the kids? It does well for adults, too. Learning to play the piano can be super fun and rewarding, but it’s also a healthy challenge that doesn’t happen overnight. Stick with it, give yourself time, push through even when it gets hard, and you’ll be amazed by how quickly you’re able to do some cool stuff. 

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