5 Tips for Beginning Singing Lessons

October 7, 2022

Learning to sing is like learning to do anything — start with the fundamentals and build on top of them. And within that are a few strategies you can use to develop and improve your singing abilities more quickly. Below are our five favorite tips to put into play when you’re beginning singing lessons so that you can learn to sing the style and music you want. 

1. Warm Up

You know how athletes warm up their muscles before going full bore? Singing is similar in that it’s a physical workout for your vocal cords, neck muscles, tongue, and everything in between. You’ll get your best performance out of these areas of your body, and they’ll work in concert — pun intended — the best when they’re warmed up and loose. That’s why our singing lessons always start with a series of warm up exercises that’ll touch a range of volumes, notes, and octaves. And if you want to develop and strengthen your voice, warm up exercises are a strategy to get you there.

2. Keep It Simple

When you’re learning to sing, starting with a basic approach is key. Beginning with simple songs and maybe even a few nursery rhymes is a very easy way to set the stage, so to speak, and allows you to put your voice out there without getting stuck on a lot of overly technical techniques and ideas. Don’t worry, that stuff all comes later. So, if your ultimate goal is to sing the lead in “Les Oiseaux Dans la Charmille,” the instructors at Fox can help you get there. But we will start by building a solid foundation upon which you can learn to sing a challenging opera or any style of music you want.

3. Just Get Into It

Singing lessons are unique from other types of musical instruction in that the spotlight is solely on you. Hitting the wrong key on a piano is one thing but having your singing in front of other people can be an intimidating situation, even for an eager learner. The only way to really get past that is to simply do it. The more you practice singing in front of your coach or anyone else, the more comfortable it becomes. The faster you simply throw care to the wind and embrace both the practice and the feedback; you’ll soon find that your confidence is increased.

4. Sing Along With Your Favorites

One thing we can all agree on is how fun and good it feels to sing your favorite songs along with your favorite bands, singers, and musicians. In the car, shower, or even dancing around the living room in the style of Tom Cruise in Risky Business, it’s just fun. And when you’re actually taking singing lessons, this is the type of practice that’s really easy and enjoyable to do, and it’ll help you progress more quickly in the direction you want.

5. Record & Listen to Yourself

There is a big difference between what you hear when you’re singing, and what other people hear. A really easy way to switch roles and put yourself into the coach’s seat is to record yourself singing and listen to it. When you’re focused on listening to yourself, you will hear things that you didn’t notice when you were singing. And you will quickly identify the areas where you can develop and improve your abilities. Timing, range, volume — trust your ear, and work on the things that you hear you want to be better at. 

Learn to Sing With Us at Fox Music 

Are you an aspiring singer who wants to correctly learn the fundamentals of singing from a qualified instructor who understands the subject matter and how to teach it? At Fox Music, that’s what we do. Our singing instructors are kind professionals you can feel comfortable with, and they’ll provide you with the tools and training to accomplish your singing goals. Contact us for more information and schedule openings. 

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