4 Common Mistakes When Beginning Piano

December 21, 2022

Learning to play the piano is a challenge that can be both fun and rewarding. And, like anything, it is easy to make mistakes when you are starting out. Here are some of the most common made by beginners and tips to avoid them. 

Playing With Tense Fingers 

It is common for beginners to play with their fingers flat and tight, and that can slow you down and make your playing less agile. Relax and be mindful to play with limber, loose, curved fingers. 

Playing Too Fast 

Hey, we all want to be good sooner than later. But learning takes time, and if you do not go at a gradual pace, it is a lot harder for muscle memory to set in. Slow down. Establishing good form is more important than speed. 

Poor Posture & Positioning 

If you are not sitting a comfortable distance from the piano, it is going to stifle your playing — even if your other technique is good. Too close and it is constricting. Too far away and you are stressing your arms and back. The proper spot is on the edge of the bench with your elbows in front of your body when your fingers touch the keys. 

And do not slouch, either. Sit up straight so that your arms are perpendicular with your body and keep your wrists level with your arms. Do not play with collapsed wrists — it will cause discomfort and impede your playing ability. 

A Lack of Patience 

Some beginners become frustrated when they do not progress as quickly as they want or if they come to find that playing the piano is more challenging than they initially thought. That is okay! Learning is cumulative and it takes time. Put the time in, practice consistently (aim for 30 minutes, five days a week), and welcome the mistakes. Set goals, be patient, and relish the enjoyment of learning. 

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