4 Tips to Learn and Remember Song Lyrics

January 11, 2023

One of the significant challenges for aspiring singers is learning to hit all the high and low notes. The other challenge? Remembering the lyrics to the songs! Some songs are easier to naturally easier to memorize than others, and all singers can benefit from a few tips and tricks to help them learn and remember song lyrics. Below are a few that will help you get the words stuck in your head.

1. Sing With the Lyrics In Front of You

It’s hard to learn lyrics unless they’re in front of you, so sing with them in front of you! Pull them up online or print them out. Some song videos on YouTube even include the lyrics on the screen as the song plays. Whatever your preference, sing with the lyrics in front of you so that you learn them correctly from the beginning.

2. Look for the Patterns & Rhymes

Music is filled with all types of patterns and repetition. Pay attention to the melodies and get into the rhythm of the music as you are singing. It is an effective way to associate the song lyrics with the music and perfect your timing and arranging. Not to mention you will notice all the ways the music and lyrics complement each other, which will help you remember the words.

3. Follow the Story

Many song lyrics tell a story or have a theme. So, if you know what the song is about, it’s easier to retell that story than remember a bunch of seemingly random words. Focus on the meaning of the lyrics and look for an emotional connection to the song. It will assist with etching those words into memory so you can easily remember them.

4. Write Down the Lyrics

Think about how we learn and process information and how it pertains to learning song lyrics. You can learn lyrics by saying (singing) them, you can learn lyrics by seeing (reading) them, and you can also learn the lyrics by writing them. So, while this might seem like unfun homework, try it. As you’re singing the song, write down the lyrics you can recall from memory before looking at the lyric sheet. Doing this exercise a few times can accelerate your memorization.  

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