3 Key Benefits of Guitar Lessons

3 Key Benefits of Guitar Lessons  What is it about live interactions that make them so powerful? From learning how to use tools correctly or to driving a car, to learning how to play a musical instrument – interpersonal coaching is essential for effective learning and skill-building, especially if the learning is multidimensional and involves a complex mix of ear training, motor skills, theoretical, and practical knowledge.  And that’s why you can utilize several sources (including YouTube videos, “how-to” DVDs or books) for teaching you how to play a guitar, but can’t trust anyone to do it better than a real life guitar instructor. The benefits of a real-life instructor are numerous and we’ve picked three of our favorite ones to share with you today –

  • You’ll watch, learn and perfect the right techniques in your guitar lessons

 The first step to doing anything correctly is mastering the basics. From left hand techniques to rhythm and speed – guitar has its own vocabulary and your understanding of these basics will determine how well or how badly you play the instrument. A real life instructor will ensure you are holding, strumming and fretting your six string in the right way during your guitar lessons.  Finger picking, alternate picking, pull-offs, hammer-ons, intricate scales, exercises, and riffs are critical techniques that are best practiced under the guidance of a teacher.

  • You’ll benefit from live control and feedback in your guitar lessons

 A teacher will pinpoint issues with your playing technique as and when they happen, helping you understand just where and how you need to improve. Your instructor will know the specific areas you struggle with and can pinpoint those as well. He or she can create a lesson structure for you that takes your weak points into account so that you can focus on improving. Fox Music of Virginia Beach provides both individual guitar lessons and group lessons to increase and improve the amount of face time you get with the teacher.

  • You’ll be more committed

 One of the top perks of having a coach is the sense of accountability it brings. An instructor will build on the commitment you have towards learning how to play guitar and practicing it daily. This is precisely why athletes, politicians, and professionals seek coaches – motivation, advice, and accountability.