The Art of Singing Lessons

Starting singing lessons is a lot like starting art class. One of the first things that you will notice is that there are many terms used in the art world that you may not have heard before. You will hear words such as shading, angles, depth, and perspective. You will also start to look at works of art differently than you did before. Instead of seeing a charcoal drawing, you will get a glimpse into what the artist was thinking when he or she drew it. You will see where they were focusing and what they were finding important, and which areas they thought of as secondary. You will start to look further into their process as an artist and be able to appreciate it on a new level. Maybe you will even try your hand at drawing yourself, finding out if you can take what you’ve learned and put it into practice! The same goes with singing lessons. In singing lessons you will hear brand new words, or at least, they will be used in a brand new context. Some of these include tone, range, flexibility, and pitch.  You will start to listen to songs differently than you used to listen to them. You’ll start to realize that certain singers are even more talented than you thought! And you’ll probably also start to hear some weaknesses in other singers voices that you never noticed before. You will hear how high or how low the singer can go. You will notice which areas of their voice sound flawless and which areas of their voice sound like they may be straining. You will hear through their tonal choices which parts of the song they find the most important, and you will be able to feel their depth in a new way. You will begin to appreciate music on a deeper level because of the things that you will learn in your singing lessons. Maybe through them, you will find that you have a voice that you didn’t realize existed! And maybe, just maybe,  a passion will develop out of your singing lessons!