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October 2021

How to Increase Your Vocal Range


If you’re a singer who’s looking to improve, you might be asking, “Is it possible to increase my range?” The simple answer is yes! Increasing range is one of the main focuses of voice training. Given that it’s possible to increase your range, your next question is probably, “How?” If you want to increase your [...]

How to Increase Your Vocal Range2021-09-02T07:51:16+00:00

September 2021

How Much Vocal Practice is Too Much?


For many singers and vocal students, a big struggle is finding enough time to practice. These students worry that they're not able to practice enough. On the other hand, you may sit on the other end of the spectrum, and you're a student that practices a lot. So much so that you find yourself worried [...]

How Much Vocal Practice is Too Much?2021-08-24T11:55:26+00:00

The Toughest Challenge in Singing (and How to Master It)


No matter how good you are when you start singing, there are parts of your voice that don't yet work as well as you'd like them to. For many people, it's the high notes and developing your chest voice. For others, it could be just not having enough power. It's true that we all have [...]

The Toughest Challenge in Singing (and How to Master It)2021-08-16T09:49:40+00:00

August 2021

How to Gain the Confidence to Become a Solo Singer


You're in your car singing along to your favorite song – comfortable, confident, and strong. But as soon as you sing on your own, that confidence seems to disappear. Does this sound familiar? While singing along with someone is fun and allows you to enjoy some of your favorite songs, ultimately, the goal for most [...]

How to Gain the Confidence to Become a Solo Singer2021-08-06T07:44:02+00:00

We’re Hiring!


Fox Music is a locally-owned music studio offering lessons in voice and piano. Fox Music has been serving the Hampton Roads community for more than 35 years, and we have grown to two professional studio locations in the area. Our small team of teachers enjoy steady work and a positive work environment. The ideal [...]

We’re Hiring!2021-08-11T14:58:39+00:00

The Vocal Warm-Up vs. Vocal Exercise


If you spend any time at the gym, you're probably well aware that there is a difference between your workout warm-up and the actual exercise. The purpose of the warm-up is to get your body ready for exercise. Then, you gradually raise your heart rate and body temperature through lower intensity movements so that when [...]

The Vocal Warm-Up vs. Vocal Exercise2021-07-26T11:21:27+00:00

July 2021

4 Things Kids Might Enjoy about Singing


Music and singing come with a lot of benefits that adults recognize and appreciate. For example, learning to sing also takes focus and discipline, making it an excellent activity for a child’s development. Exploring a musical activity, like singing, also helps kids explore music and grow their own unique talent. As parents, we have [...]

4 Things Kids Might Enjoy about Singing2021-07-16T10:45:29+00:00

5 Tips for a Healthy Voice


We all have daily habits that we follow to improve our health and well-being. But did you know that there are habits that you can adopt that keep your voice healthy and functioning properly? Here are a few tips for developing and maintaining a healthy voice: 1. Drink plenty of water. One of the simplest [...]

5 Tips for a Healthy Voice2021-07-08T08:47:22+00:00

June 2021

4 Ways Singing Improves Your Communication Skills


Working to improve your singing voice shares a lot in common with developing your communication skills. Because of their shared features, singing is a great way to improve your communication skills. Here are a few ways that improving your singing voice also improves how you communicate with others: 1. Expression One way singing improves [...]

4 Ways Singing Improves Your Communication Skills2021-06-18T13:59:48+00:00

Can Anyone Get Better at Singing?


If you’re interested in singing, you might be thinking, “I’m not really that good. Is it even possible to get better?” The short answer is yes! Many of us tend to think of singing as a fixed talent. Either you’re a good singer, or you’re not. But the truth is, anyone can get better at [...]

Can Anyone Get Better at Singing?2021-06-07T08:23:20+00:00