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April 2021

3 Reasons Kids Love Music and Theater Summer Camps


Are you starting to think about some fun summer activities for your kids? Here are three reasons kids will love attending a music and theater camp this summer: 1. Kids continue to develop their music and theater skills. If your child has started a music or theater program, a summer camp is an excellent way [...]

3 Reasons Kids Love Music and Theater Summer Camps2021-04-21T08:02:56+00:00

4 Tips to Keep Music Fun for Your Kids


The number one reason a child wants to stop an activity or sport is that it isn't fun anymore. Which means the best way to encourage your child to stick with something is to keep it fun. Here are four tips to keep music fun for your kids: 1. Focus on the Process Help your [...]

4 Tips to Keep Music Fun for Your Kids2021-04-06T08:54:08+00:00

March 2021

4 Reasons To Enroll Kids in Music or Theater Programs


Kids who enroll in programs and activities have opportunities to enhance their growth and development while learning character-building values. Music and theater not only have these types of developmental environments, but it’s also a fun place for your kids to spend some time making friends while learning something new. Encouraging your kids to try something [...]

4 Reasons To Enroll Kids in Music or Theater Programs2021-03-17T07:53:49+00:00

Fox Music presents the first Showtime Monologue Showcase


In Fox Music's Showtime Theater Lessons & Acting Class,  the students have been working hard to write and perform their own monologues. Enjoy! For more information about Showtime, visit our Theater & Acting Lessons page here: https://foxmusicvb.com/theatre-acting-lessons/

Fox Music presents the first Showtime Monologue Showcase2021-03-10T11:10:58+00:00

5 Ways to Motivate a Young Musician


For young musicians to stick with singing, piano, etc., they need to be excited and motivated. Kids who are eager to learn more about music and improve their skills tend to be motivated to achieve personal goals, experience success, and continue improving. So how can you help a young musician stay motivated? Here are a [...]

5 Ways to Motivate a Young Musician2021-03-03T09:00:59+00:00

February 2021

How Theater Class Relieves Stress


Feeling stressed? You’re not alone, and we all need to find coping strategies to help us relieve that anxiety. Theater classes are scientifically proven to reduce stress levels because of the exercises done in each session. Here’s how it works. We’ll work on being present. We’ll begin with a warm up in [...]

How Theater Class Relieves Stress2021-02-23T16:58:16+00:00

Using Healthy Acting Methods


One of the most important things to consider when choosing a studio is what acting methods they will teach you. When you begin to seek out acting lessons, research the school and make sure their teachers are knowledgeable. Many beginning students do not realize that not all styles of theatre are created equal, and [...]

Using Healthy Acting Methods2021-02-23T16:29:45+00:00

Voice Lessons: How to Overcome the Intimidation


If you’re interested in getting started with voice lessons, what’s holding you back? If you’re feeling intimidated, you’re not alone. It can be challenging to start something new, but it is possible to overcome the intimidation factor. By focusing on some of the benefits of singing, it might be what you need to take that [...]

Voice Lessons: How to Overcome the Intimidation2021-02-17T08:12:53+00:00

How to Choose Audition Material for Theater


As you prepare for your next audition, there are many things to consider; resumes, headshots, and the list goes on and on. Choosing audition material can be one of the hardest tasks for any performer to accomplish. How do you know what’s good material and what’s not? Here are some of our best tips: [...]

How to Choose Audition Material for Theater2021-02-12T13:47:33+00:00

How to Choose the Right Studio For You


Choosing a studio where you can learn to sing and improve your skills is an investment in yourself. That’s why it’s important that you find a place that suits you, aligns with your goals, and fits your needs. If you’re not sure how to find the best fit, here are a few suggestions on how [...]

How to Choose the Right Studio For You2021-02-03T09:38:20+00:00