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January 2022

How Do You Know Your Voice Type?


Have you ever asked yourself, "How do I know my voice type?" As a singer, it's a great question to ask! First, let's look at how singers are usually placed within a chorus. Your Place in a Chorus When you sing in chorus, most of the time, a choral director will assign you to a [...]

How Do You Know Your Voice Type?2022-01-03T08:51:06+00:00

Now Hiring!


Please contact Wesley at [email protected] to apply. Piano Teacher - Job description Fox Music is a locally-owned music studio offering lessons in voice and piano. Fox Music has been serving the Hampton Roads community for more than 35 years, and we have grown to two professional studio locations in the area. Our small team of [...]

Now Hiring!2022-01-20T14:19:53+00:00

What to Drink Before Singing


The foods and drinks you consume will affect not only how you sound but also the health of your voice. And while there is not a magical potion or beverage you can drink that will improve your voice, there are a few guidelines to follow that can help. Here are a few tips on what [...]

What to Drink Before Singing2022-01-03T08:40:39+00:00

December 2021

The Best Piece of Advice for Singers


When it comes to improving your voice, there is a lot of helpful advice available. Amid all of these resources are snippets of great advice that come from knowledgeable voice coaches and instructors. You can find guidance on: How to keep your voice healthy How to set SMART goals Ways to establish a vocal practice [...]

The Best Piece of Advice for Singers2021-12-16T07:53:10+00:00

When You Practice but Don’t Seem to Get Better


It’s frustrating when you spend so much time practicing but can’t tell if you’re getting any better. You might be thinking that you’re doing all the right things, but: You’re not making any progress. You do not notice any results. Nothing seems to make a difference. You’re not getting anywhere. It’s just not working. First, [...]

When You Practice but Don’t Seem to Get Better2021-12-06T12:14:49+00:00

November 2021

Holiday Special: 1 Month of Singing Lessons for $99


Looking for the perfect gift for your aspiring singer? Give them the gift of music this holiday season with a month of singing lessons. This Singing Lesson package includes 1 introductory private lesson, 1 month of unlimited singing classes, a Fox Music shirt, and sheet music for class. Purchase the package here: Purchase Singing [...]

Holiday Special: 1 Month of Singing Lessons for $992021-11-29T15:57:37+00:00

How to Approach Music with a Positive Mindset


What’s your approach to achieving your personal music goals? Are you willing to be patient, put in the work, and commit to the process? Or do you wish that you could experience instant success? It’s hard not to want that instant success. And since it’s not realistic to wave a magic wand and achieve your [...]

How to Approach Music with a Positive Mindset2021-11-17T07:42:31+00:00

Saul Fox’s Concert of Original Songs


Fox Music would like to invite you to studio owner Saul Fox’s Concert of Original Songs featuring 12 of Saul’s original pieces. This special event will take place on Sunday, November 21st at 7:00PM at Bayside Presbyterian Church. We hope to see you there! For more information, visit the Facebook Event page here: https://fb.me/e/19FclS56h [...]

Saul Fox’s Concert of Original Songs2021-11-16T15:39:25+00:00

How to Practice Singing with a Fatigued Voice


Have you ever had a long day where you had to do a lot of talking? If so, you might be wondering if it’s unhealthy for your voice to sing when it has already done quite a bit of work. Is it unhealthy to sing after a long day of talking? The answer is probably [...]

How to Practice Singing with a Fatigued Voice2021-09-22T08:02:48+00:00

October 2021

Lung Capacity vs. Vocal Efficiency


As you’ve practiced and gained vocal experience, at some point you might’ve wondered, “How can I increase my lung capacity for singing?” Or, “I wonder what exercises would help me increase my lung capacity and hold more air?” To answer these questions, let’s first take a closer look at lung capacity. Lung Capacity In simple [...]

Lung Capacity vs. Vocal Efficiency2021-09-14T09:48:01+00:00