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January 2021

Why You Should Work With an Acting Coach


Whether you’re new to acting or you have a few roles on your resume, it’s important to remember that you need an acting coach. No amateur or professional actor can reach their full potential without a set of well-trained eyes to guide them. Think about what your goals are. Are you hoping to become [...]

Why You Should Work With an Acting Coach2021-01-13T09:27:59+00:00

Discipline vs. Motivation – Which One Do You Need?


Self-discipline and motivation both play roles in building long-term habits, like singing, eating healthy, and working out. But is it better to focus on self-discipline or motivation? Which one do you need? First, let's take a look at the difference between discipline and motivation. Self-Discipline Self-discipline is your ability to control your actions and stick [...]

Discipline vs. Motivation – Which One Do You Need?2021-01-15T10:53:42+00:00

How Theater Class Makes You Healthier


Taking a theater class has many benefits, but did you know it can also make you healthier? It may seem like something you wouldn’t expect, but acting on a regular basis will improve both your physical and mental health. The first way theater makes you healthier is by increasing your confidence. By participating in [...]

How Theater Class Makes You Healthier2021-01-13T09:15:14+00:00

How Acting Lessons Make You A Better Singer


People often forget that one of the most important aspects of being a great singer is being a great performer. That’s why Fox Music’s Solo Vocal Academy strives to provide consistent performance opportunities for you to grow your performance skills alongside your voice. But if you feel this is an area you really struggle, [...]

How Acting Lessons Make You A Better Singer2021-01-13T08:58:40+00:00

Acting Classes for Teens


Fox Music of Virginia Beach offers acting classes for teens. To schedule a free class, visit: https://foxmusicvb.com/theatre-acting-lessons/

Acting Classes for Teens2021-01-13T08:22:51+00:00

Jan 8, 2021 Fox Music’s Got Talent Winners


Thank you to everyone who participated in Fox Music’s Got Talent on Friday evening. Everyone’s performances were GREAT! And congratulations to the winners! The superlative winners are:   Singing Stars Audience Choice: Best Overall Performance: Lailah McGhee Best Dressed: Jackson Saville Best Video Production/Most Prepared: Sophia Mitchum Singing Stars Teachers’ Choice: Most Improved: Olivia [...]

Jan 8, 2021 Fox Music’s Got Talent Winners2021-01-11T08:24:56+00:00

3 Reasons to Start Your Year with Singing


There's something about a new year that makes us want to set goals, make changes, or try new things. Maybe you've been thinking about finding ways to get into (or get back to) singing. Now is a great time to make it happen! Here are a few reasons to start your year with singing: 1. [...]

3 Reasons to Start Your Year with Singing2021-01-04T10:02:19+00:00

December 2020

6 Ways Singing Contributes to Your Overall Health


Now is the time of year where we spend some time reflecting on changes we’d like to make in the new year. And some of these changes might have to do with your health. Not only can singing be an enjoyable skill to practice, but it also plays a role in your overall health. Singing [...]

6 Ways Singing Contributes to Your Overall Health2020-12-17T10:23:26+00:00

Saul Fox’s “Silent Night”


Just released! Be the first to hear this new rendition of "Silent Night" composed by Fox Music's founder, Saul Fox. Featuring performances by the teachers at Fox Music and more. Please share with friends and family. Merry Christmas!

Saul Fox’s “Silent Night”2020-12-21T07:42:24+00:00

How to Get the Most Out of Theater Lessons


Now that you’ve been taking theater lessons for a while, it’s important to make sure you are getting the most out of your experience as possible. The Showtime class will give you the tools to reach your goals, but the next step is up to you. Here’s the secret to success: participate with full [...]

How to Get the Most Out of Theater Lessons2020-12-21T07:21:31+00:00