Balance Is The Key!

Have you ever tried to sing and your voice wasn’t working the way you wanted it to? Maybe you think you’re tone deaf or can’t reach the high notes of your favorite song. When you come to Fox Music of Virginia Beach for voice lessons, You will learn a vocal technique that will completely transform your voice! When people say or think they are tone deaf, they have no idea that feeling and frustration can go away. People who think they are tone deaf are really experiencing a muscular imbalance within their voice. The voice has two registers, chest voice and head voice. If the chest voice is stronger than the head voice (or vice versa), It causes one part of the voice to work harder than they other part of the voice, causing the imbalance in your sound. It is vital to a singer’s growth and development to separate both registers and strengthen them both so they become balanced. Having a balanced voice is the best way to achieve true vocal health. So many professional singers have vocal issues due to singing in an unhealthy way and not know the warning signs of vocal abuse. These issues can lead to vocal surgeries. All of that is 100% preventable if well-trained and educated teachers teach you. Here at Fox Music, every staff member is highly qualified. You are in good hands here. They will help your voice grow and develop beyond your wildest dreams. You will be able to do so much more with your voice. The thought and struggles of being tone deaf will disappear. Your teachers will constantly challenge and motivate you to work harder on your voice in your voice lessons. Your confidence will grow tenfold! Take advantage of the opportunities that lie before you. If you ever wanted to learn how to sing and better your voice, give Fox Music a call! Start Today!