Beginner Singing Lessons

As is with all important skills, mastering the correct technique is of prime importance in singing. And that is why we advise aspiring singers to seek a coach for the beginning stages at the very least. You can of course, learn singing by copying singers on radio or TV, or over the Internet, through sources like YouTube. But nothing beats having an expert present right in front of you. It is a proven fact that people who have access to live feedback and timely corrections sport a steeper learning curve than those who don’t. Apply the same logic to singing and you’ll find that kids, teens and adults who enroll in singing lessons with a live teacher become better performers than those who use virtual sources as teachers or teach their own selves. Fox_Slides_sing At Fox Music of Virginia Beach, beginner singing lessons are subdivided into two categories and then offered in an innovative 10-level course. The two categories – Popular Music Track and Traditional Music Track, have been segregated so that you can pursue a style that is close to your heart. After all, things we love are things we do the best right? Come visit us at Fox Music Virginia Beach for some insightful one-on-one sessions with our voice teacher Saul Fox. Saul holds dual music degrees and has wowed audiences with his solo performances at The Tidewater Winds, Symphonicity and Virginia Opera to name a few. His hand-picked combination of exercises for vocal health, breathing, ear training and vocal singing ensure you set your best foot forward in singing. Saul also maintains a huge “suggested reading” list of books for singing, vocalizing, learning lyrics, standing in the right posture and so much more, his coaching (and lots of practice of course) is all you’ll need to sing your way into people’s hearts!