Being Real with Guitar Lessons

Often growing up we may come across different peer groups that we identify with, and it takes a little time before we determine which one has us feeling like the real us. Being real with yourself as you grow through adolescence is vital to being the person you become in life, and sometimes it takes experiencing quite a few costumes before we can truly identify with a specific culture or group. The cool thing about taking guitar lessons and being a guitarist through this confusing time is that the guitar becomes a part of who you are as a person. Playing an instrument and taking guitar lessons at Fox Music starts you on a journey of passion and gives you an outlet to express yourself through many stages of growing up into the person you will be as an adult. Most important taking guitar lessons gives you a constant sense of self, so that you may not lose track of what defines you and the things you value in any given situation. In a related study, psychologist James Marcia did an extension of Erik Erikson’s work in which he came up with four identity statuses – diffusion, foreclosure, moratorium, and achievement. The idea is that when adolescents are maturing they may go through a range of options when forming a unique identity, often determined by crisis and commitment. Although not all identity statuses are reached, the ideal status is identity achievement, in which an individual has made a commitment to a sense of identity that he or she has chosen. In the meantime, other statuses such as foreclosure or moratorium may occur. Identity foreclosure is when an adolescent conforms to others, showing commitment to a particular role but neglecting other identities that may be a better fit; essentially settling for an identity. Identity moratorium is the status of experiencing an identity crisis when the conformed identity bucks heads with which identity an adolescent really embodies, creating an ultimatum of choosing the right one. Both these can create many emotions growing up, but Garcia says these are necessary in being ready to fully commit to identity achievement and encompass a true identity. So where do guitar lessons at Fox Music come in? Taking guitar lessons can help an adolescent express themselves in ways that only they may understand. Going through adolescence and finding ones identity can be difficult, but having a constant, such as being a guitarist and taking weekly guitar lessons, allows them to feel confident in who they are no matter their identity status. Garcia says that identity is determined by crisis and commitment, and guitar lessons could be the answer to help adolescence get through these statuses and gain identity achievement. Namely, taking guitar lessons encourages commitment with practicing that helps grow a passion for the instrument and allows each adolescent an opportunity to express himself or herself and work on their creative outlet week after week. Also taking guitar lessons and playing guitar can be a necessity when facing an identity crisis, as it allows adolescence to truly find themselves in the music they emote. Ultimately, playing guitar and taking guitar lessons is about being true to one’s own identity and sense of expression, wherever that may lead you in the many years to come. In all, taking guitar lessons at Fox Music and being surrounded by a team of gifted and positive instructors can prove to be a opportunity for an individual to grow in not only their instrument, but in understanding themselves.